The Right Employee

Tired of digging through piles of Resumes'?

Is Eaglesong Staffing right for your business?

We specialize in the following services for our business customers:

(Additional Services Available on Request)

- Job Posting to every Major (and minor) Job Board
- Business Development
- Career Pathing
- Resume' Sourcing
- Employee Searches
- Full Service Recruiting
- Printing and Advertisment
- Full Time Employee Searches
- Ad Design
- Resume' Building
- Temporary Employee Recruiting

Low Fees, Exceptional and Loyal Service!

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Contact us anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply send us an email and we will get back with you within 24 hours, but typically within an hour. Click the button below to send us an email directly right now.

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Global Employee Sourcing

We are not limited to specific areas when finding specialized employees for your business. We are a global search firm as well. You will get the benefits of a large corporation with the service, respect, and determination of a small business.

The Endorsements

South Charlotte Living

"In just a few months of working with Eaglesong Staffing, we were able to hire a full sales team that helped us increase profits by 193%. After over a year now with continued service we have seen an increase in profits by nearly 500%! Thank you for your years of staffing services"

3Ds Enterprises Inc.

"David and Karen were both very helpful in helping us source some candidates for specific roles. Thanks to David with EagleSong Staffing, we saw a 210% increase in profits."

Benham Insurance

"The level of customer service you all provide is outstandingly refreshing. Also, your integrity and drive is what we love so much about your organization. Trust in their abilities and you will be very pleased."