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The Job Openings here are not our only positions that may be available. Many are not listed here usually. Certain employers are selective and prefer us to hand them Resumes' after we pre-screen the applicants. Because of this fact, we ask that you also send us your Resume' directly and ask to be placed in a position that may not be on the Open Job list.

Industry of the Year

We picked Information Technology as the Industry of the Year for several reasons. One of those reason is because of the strong growth that we continue to see in these fields. Software Engineering is one of the more particular fields that continues to see strong demand.

Want to be part of EagleSong?

If you are interested in a career with EagleSong Staffing as a Recruiter, Account Manager, or another position; then submit your Resume' to us through this email address:

Click Here to Email Your Resume' to Us

Please put the words "Internal Application" in the subject line of your email to us. This helps us to avoid any spam filters.

The Endorsements

South Charlotte Living

"In just a few months of working with Eaglesong Staffing, we were able to hire a full sales team that helped us increase profits by 193%. After over a year now with continued service we have seen an increase in profits by nearly 500%! Thank you for your years of staffing services"

3Ds Enterprises Inc.

"David and Karen were both very helpful in helping us source some candidates for specific roles. Thanks to David with EagleSong Staffing, we saw a 210% increase in profits."

Benham Insurance

"The level of customer service you all provide is outstandingly refreshing. Also, your integrity and drive is what we love so much about your organization. Trust in their abilities and you will be very pleased."