Welcome to your Future

So in case you were wondering what we're all about ...

A Professional Employment Search Firm

Through integrity, diversity, and networking we help Job Seekers get matched with the RIGHT employers, at the RIGHT time and companies who need great people like yourself.

Details of our Organization

Why EagleSong Staffing Stands Out

More than just a number

While yes, business is business. At EagleSong, you mean way to us then just a number. We want to develop a long term relationship with you. We want you to tell your friends about us, because we were simply that good.

Environmental Conservation

Here at EagleSong we do a lot to cut down on our environmental footprint. For example: Many of our employees work from their own home offices. This saves the unneccessary drive to work each day, less emmissions and less expense passed on to you. We also do everything electronically. Email or GoogleChat is our preferred form of communication here.

Bright Futures Ahead

As an employee you probably wonder what your future is like. Not all of us know what our future holds though. That is what we are here for though. Are you worried about where your future is headed? Let us help you in the right direction.

Integrity First

When things get tough, sometimes a company's Integrity can slip. You have our guarantee that this will not be the case with us. Integrity is very important to us and we make an effort to prove it.

Problem Solvers

The staffing industry is plagued with Problems. Do you have an unanswered Problem? Need us to solve it for you? That's what we are here for. Send us an email, we are happy to help.

Double Check Guarantee

We always double check our work and we would like for you to give us feedback on how we are doing. We welcome criticism that we can work on to make our company a better place.

The Endorsements

South Charlotte Living

"In just a few months of working with Eaglesong Staffing, we were able to hire a full sales team that helped us increase profits by 193%. After over a year now with continued service we have seen an increase in profits by nearly 500%! Thank you for your years of staffing services"

3Ds Enterprises Inc.

"David and Karen were both very helpful in helping us source some candidates for specific roles. Thanks to David with EagleSong Staffing, we saw a 210% increase in profits."

Benham Insurance

"The level of customer service you all provide is outstandingly refreshing. Also, your integrity and drive is what we love so much about your organization. Trust in their abilities and you will be very pleased."